Friday 16 September 2011

New year, new music

After doing concerts, my favourite work activity is planning concerts and learning scores. Got a venue and a date. Got an orchestra, just have to learn the music... Youtube is handy for getting some ideas about how things might be done, but I do most of my learning on the train on the way to work. My good string orchestra is learning the Dvorak String Serenade. We've done everything else I can think of and the Tchaikovsky Serenade and Elgar Introduction and Allegro will always be too hard, so it's as many movements as we can manage well, by the end of Nov when we have our big concert, plus the Bartok Rumanian Dances and a piano trio in the middle. Dvorak, btw was a daily Mass-goer.


JBB said...

It's accepted wisdom in our part of the country (outside Washington, D.C.) that schools play the Dvorak as a means of asserting themselves as a force. Most directors will play a couple of movements of the Tchaikovsky without blinking but announcing the Dvorak always brings knowing glances, etc.

leutgeb said...

Well I'm playing it because they can play it and I love Dvorak. I don't know what the London reaction is. The cello teacher was very enthusiastic and loves it too.

I don't think many people outside the school will know I'm doing it. So no glances, I think. Have't a clue what other people are up to.

JBB said...

Oh, I love the Dvorak, too, and can only imagine the favorable reaction my cellists would have should I ever program the piece.

I'm just afraid to do so, as "everybody knows" it's so difficult.

At any rate, you've inspired me to spend some time this weekend with the score.

leutgeb said...

It's hard and you need three functioning viola players and there are lots of moments for the intonation to sound dire etc.

In theory I have a good player or two to carry every section and my best cellist leaves at the end of the year, so now or never for me.