Saturday 29 October 2011

News item order

Yesterday the BBC did something very interesting in their R4 Hourly bulletins.

The items went like this

Constitutional changes  - first born children will become heirs to the throne.
Members of the royal family can marry Catholics without having to give up their place in the line of succession.
Catholic social worker employed in child protection work for the church convicted of child p**n offences.

Just in case anyone thought Catholics were OK kinda people.

I heard that about three times.


Highland Cathedral said...

It fits in with the BBC agenda. Recently they had a Holby City episode in which a Catholic priest admits to child abuse. Again, just to make sure that the viewers did not forget that some Catholic priests were guilty of this.

leutgeb said...

Whereas your average run of the mill Catholic priest must spend more hours than most people in hospitals visiting the sick.

So a true representation would show Fr Blogs doing priestly things and would not involve an agonised subplot about him questioning his vocation. Maybe Fr Blogs is perfectly happy and goes home at the end of the day, has his tea and reads a book or gets called back to the hospital for a sick call in the middle of the night.