Tuesday 10 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

A while back, via the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, I signed up to emails from the CCN.

All was very quiet until yesterday when I got two. Someone must have resolved to send more emails.

Anyway, one of them was entitled  and I paraphrase freely because I'm about to go to bed, 'Catholic parishes enriched by immigrant/migrant Catholics.'

Since we share the most important things with anyone from anywhere in the world who is a Catholic, even (especially?)the people who are most aggravating, by dint of the fact that they are trying to live by the same things as us and believe the same things as us, I believe, and I have many experiences that verify this, that I have more in common with people from, well think of somewhere very different from SE London... there, if they are Catholics.

You can see that in Candy's choir.  They recently added a French lady.  Martina's response... 'We don't have anyone French, yet.' 

The joke was that the last time I sang with them I had never been to Mass in the new English translation and despite being one of the very few native English speakers, I was the one reading very hard.  Everyone else? Totally there.

Me 'And also with your spirit.' Or something.
Et cum spiritu tuo.


Ben Trovato said...

Have you pulled the Mozart post? Showed in my feed, but is not apparent here...

leutgeb said...

I messed up the code for Youtube, sorry. Nothing earth shattering.