Thursday 12 January 2012

Mozart Requiem

I'll try that again.

I don't like the film Amadeus because it is not historically accurate and Mozart's music clearly shows that he wasn't a moron, but there are certain bits which I do like, including this passage.


Ben Trovato said...

If you watch Amadeus thinking it's a biographical film about Mozart, it's about as accurate as the Scottish play is about Macbeth.

However, on its own terms, I think it is asking (and answering) something very profound: what is the true source or transcendental beauty - as embodied in his music. And the clue lies in the name.

leutgeb said...

I know that it is not a biographical film about Mozart.

I don't like the contrast between Mozart in his music and Mozart, the character, portrayed in the film.

I don't find such disparities in real life musicians who I have met and whose music I have have heard, be they composers or performers. Their music is a distillation of who they are not something that is separate.