Monday 23 January 2012

Playing the numbers game

According to twitter - see it does have its uses - there were 250k or 500k Pro-Lifers in Washington DC for The March for Life, but not much of a squeak from the MSM.

So the bara brith challenge, which Pro-Life or Catholic event have you been to which got little or no media attention or where the number of people present was mysteriously reduced by a factor of 10 or 100?

You know how it goes, 'Hundreds of people gathered to hear Urbi et Orbi in St Peter's Square...' you see the pics and know that the square is pretty full and that it can hold 100 000 people.  Are some of those people in fact cardboard cut outs or is CTV spending our Peter's Pence contributions on fancy CGI technology to copy and paste people all round the piazza.  I think we should be told.

Good day
10 Catholics =  1 person who goes along with the Zeitgeist.

Bad day
100 Catholics = 1 person who goes along with the Zeitgeist

I get to play first.

WYD 2000, 2.1 million people (I'm one of the Celts dodging sunstroke with factor 60 and a big hat, never mind non angli sed angeli, what about the sun burn?) and David Wiley, BBC Correspondent, was not in the Eternal City. 

BTW we need WYD in GB because no-one outside the Church will ever hear about it otherwise.

UPDATE No James, I don't think big events are a solution to problems either. ( I have no comment to make on the diocesan youth stuff in southwark because I'm not sure I've ever had much (any?) contact with them, so nothing to say.) Problems being things like endemic lapsation etc.  and I did hear some dodgy things on WYD, from an American Bishop, as it goes. But, having an invasion of Catholics from around the world would do the country good and be a good thing for parishes when they needed to come and stay.  I'll put a few people up.

The same thing is true with music.  These grand events where you get members of professional orchestras working in your school are very beneficial and exciting for pupils, but they have to go hand in hand with your instrumental lesson, daily practice and going to orchestral rehearsals.

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