Wednesday 11 April 2012

My Brother, The Pope 2

Read it yesterday in between bouts of gardening. Good book and a welcome corrective after Good bye Good men. No messing with the post-war German seminarians. they were out to rebuild their culture. Mgr R's asides about the music being sung at various Masses are interesting. Their sister remains an enigmatic character. She must have been quite old, 60?, when she went to live in Rome. Pretty intrepid. Dylan wondered about the success of the Pope and his wish to reform the liturgy. But I think that Popes propose, write letters and lead by example and we follow or ignore. That's free will, folks. Clare and I had lunch in Pimlico today and after went for a walked and ended up in the St Paul's bookshop where you can buy a Liber, some stuff from Solesmes, lots of stuff by the Music Makers and the Marty Haugen Song Book. (Put that pic up Clare.). And a whole pile of masses where the words have been changed a bit, one of which still has a Gloria in a verse-refrain form. Meantime they had a CD on of chants of Holy Week. We knew them all. (saddo)bit weird listening to Good Friday stuff today, but there we are. So as to liturgical reform, mixed messages or an eclectic pick and mix.

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