Sunday 29 April 2012

Waiting at the station

Due to an error yesterday, I found myself sat outside the station for an extra 30 mins waiting for a relative to get off the train. Actually, I did go through a few moments of wondering where they were and got went out onto the platform... Just in case. Anyway once I'd concocted a text that checked that is was the 20.30 train from London Bridge that I was meeting without givin the game away that I was already at the station, I settled down to the wonders of the iPad. I can now listen to Brahms 2, whilst reading a book and see the words easily in the dark. unfortunately, it now has my work email account on it, but I'm not checking it and certainly not replying to anyone at the weekend. (yet)

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gemoftheocean said...

Have to say it would be so inconvenient to do without gadgets now. Especially when out in public and trying to meet up with someone if they've been delayed, or you just miss picking them out of the crowd of 1000 or transportation is otherwise fouled. I only gave in about 5 years ago to finally get a mobile phone. [Computers I've had since 83.]