Wednesday 12 September 2012


One shouldn't mock the afflicted, but when the afflicted appear to be in power, satire and chuckles may be your only weapons.

Politicians take zip notice of people like me. That's people who have been paying income tax for 20 years and always vote - other people doing such beneficial things as bringing up children and providing 24/7 care to the dying don't get a look in either- so the Chancellor should not be surprised when he gets booed and the athletes that he's giving medals to get cheered, all in quick succession.

Chez moi is in such a safe seat that no-one ever bothers to come round canvassing. It's such a shame. Grandma was accosted in the street by a nice young man enquiring as to whether he could rely on her vote. She said that politicians think that the elderly are only interested in the NHS and pensions. Recent experience would back up the former. Her repost? She pointed out the abortion rate. He was taken aback- she did come with 40 years of teaching, a very quick wit and a formidable personality - he stuttered that he'd never really thought about it.

I'm lucky if the Jehovah's Witnesses pay me the occasional visit.
Next time I'll point out that my birthday is on Christmas Day and see what happens.

Anyway, one of the other groups of people who take no notice of me are what one might call the middle management of the Church. I wrote to a Bishop in December 2008 and I'm still awaiting an acknowledgement and a back dated Happy Christmas. If he could throw in a Happy Birthday, I'll call it quits.

this will give you a chuckle.

And I was in Westminster Cathedral today and there was quite a big pile of that thing, considering it's Wednesday and presumably if you are going to buy one, you pick it up at Mass over the weekend. How many remaindered copies are there and do they get counted in the circulation figures?

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