Tuesday 11 September 2012

In a muddle

Over here in the not always cosy world of hastily packed school bags, slowly ripening tomatoes and days spent with teenage boys, I thought that the idea with Catholic Theology was that you kinda believed it, attempted to live by it and studied it to understand it better.

It's a bit like me doing my sonata form lesson this afternoon for the Sixth Form. I do how the thematic material fits together, how the key centres go and then how that all actually could work in the ebb and flow of you listening or conducting the first movement of a symphony or playing a piano sonata.

What I don't do is suggest that Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven should have done it differently. I accept the output and seek to use the theories available that are suitable for the boys in front of me. So no Schenkerian analysis today.

Over in the very clever world of very clever Catholic Theology, some people take what's given and try to use bits and bobs to justify doing things that have never been OK. Saying things have changed, just does not work. We live in time. Other folks in the Church live in eternity. We live now, by the same rules they did and the same rules that will pertain to future generations.

Stuff to do with how we treat other people is not governed by fashion or new technology. My great great grandmother born in1860 and teaching away in West Clare in 1880, could not Skype her 12 younger siblings who emigrated to the States, but the way she brought up my grandmother in the 1920s and 30s has had a direct effect on me born over a century later.

I had an Internet rummage recently and turned up the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland returns for both my grandmother and grandfather's families very easily and for free. Well worth a look if you are interested. The originals are all scanned in and it was quite something to see the signatures of a great grandfather and great great grandfather. I don't think they had it wrong. They are all listed as, Roman Catholic, literate and speaking Irish and English. I don't speak Irish, but I'm very happy to emulate the rest.

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