Sunday 16 September 2012

Hiding behind the pay wall

Fr Z and Protect the Pope flag up The Tablet's latest attack on blogs and blogging. unfortunately, when you follow the link from wdtprs, you have to log in, which is quite funny really. I think I've got the gist.

I'm a blogger and I come from generations of Irish Catholics who have paid and prayed in the pews. Some were woman religious, most were lay people, all were pretty ordinary.

I've pointed out before that if you are my age, which is getting ever older, but I'm a child of the 1970s and you disagree with the Church or just can't be bothered, you get up late on Sundays and mooch around a bit with the papers or maybe you play Sunday morning footie or your children do and there's always the shops, but you don't bother with Mass.

If you go to Mass, you want to be there, so don't bother with people who rubbish the Church, so wouldn't bother with The Tablet. The MSM are so much better at slating the Church anyway.

The Tablet niche market it people older than me who are disappointed that what they thought was going to happen in the 70s never did.

I think they need to get the marketing people in cos that's not a very large pool of people. Probably better than saying in this week's editorial that the CDF has some explaining to do. The CDF are really good at explaining.... Catholicism. I wonder which bit The Tablet would like explained?

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