Tuesday, 11 December 2012

An arrogant, privileged, liberal elite

OK well I struck that out of my email to my MP, along with the threat to spoil my ballot paper at the next General Election. That's not actually a threat, it was an action at the last local elections.

The Ballot paper

Tory nope
Lib Dem nope
Labour 1million people march against the war in Iraq, you lie to Parliament and go to war anyway, and then there's the Catholic Adoption Agencies. Nope.
UKIP too wacky for me.
BNP. This being SE London. Don't vote for fascists.
Loony parties. Loony. Nope.

Don't need to worry about the economy, NHS, taxation, Europe etc.

Instead, I ended, thus,

Rest assured, if your Government brings legislation before Parliament, to redefine marriage, I shall never vote Tory again, since your Party clearly holds the electorate in such contempt. No point reading a manifesto if once elected, the government can rip it up and impose whatever it likes.

Not great, but that's what happens when people rush legislation through.

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Patricius said...

"UKIP too wacky for me."

That WAS my view but they are the only party to have made a sensible statement on this same sex "marriage" business.


Zephyrinus said...

Excellent Post, Leutgeb.

I agree with all your sentiments (most of them, anyway).

I, too, have decided that Dave and his cronies will NEVER, EVER, get my vote, should they insist in pushing through the Gay Marriage thing.

I am now SERIOUSLY looking at the FANCY DRESS PARTY Manifesto.

Worth a look.

Along with The Monster Raving Loony Party's Manifesto.

Patrick Sheridan said...

I don't personally understand the fuss about ''gay marriage'' - it's a purely civil matter.