Friday, 7 December 2012

Ticking the boxes

Just done The Tablet survey again.

Bit of a hoot. Forget those bland surveys. The questions are very loaded.

It reminds me of Blackadder and The Flanders Pigeon Murderer trial.

I declined to give my email address.

It's just a pity it doesn't give you some sort of a paragraph of waffle at the end à la a woman's magazine.

Mostly a? You'd prefer to go to an EF Mass if there is one, but think the new translation is perfectly fine thanks.

Mostly e? You hardly ever go to Mass and will be getting a surprise on Christmas Day.

In other news, there is a shop by the station advertising Exmas Trees.
Were they once in a church?

Reminds me of the notice by the till in the butcher's shop.
' Due to a large number of forgeries, we no longer except Scottish bank notes.'

Which in turn reminds me of the ( Catholic) teacher from N Ireland arguing at the till with the dinner lady about how his Ulster Bank tenner was valid, because N Ireland is part of the UK.

I'll stop now.

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