Sunday 13 January 2013

Playing the numbers

I was having a little tidy up around the organ the other day. Either side of the four octave, double manual instrument are (WERE!) some piles of ... stuff.

The stuff got rationalised down to an OF Missal, the red book for the EF, the order of service for marriage and funerals, three copies of The Stations of the Cross according to St Alphonsus Ligori, two rosaries, two prayer cards for Bishop Henderson RIP, the organ tuner's log book, three photocopies of 'O sacrament most holy, lots of pens and pencils, and a bottle of lavender water from Lourdes. Quite a modest haul.

Amongst the gems to be kept safe were three note books belonging to Brenda listing the hymns she played. The first one starts in January 1982, or year 37. In Jan '84, we switch from The Parish Hymn Book to ? another hymn book.

The asterisk indicates that she is still using the PHB numbers until her new one arrives. Each line of numbers is a Mass.

The last entry in the last book is 31st Jan 2010.

The first Sunday I played was 7th Feb 2010. How do I know? I have it written down in a notebook.

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