Saturday 12 January 2013

This Sunday's pudding

New year, slightly new desserts. Delia's chocolate brownies meet dried cranberries soaked in, um, Calvados - the bottle has been lingering in the cupboard for a long while. My Dad would probably be very happy alternating between apple crumble and pie each week, but now and then it's OK to insert a different pud.

Meantime, it's time to restock the freezer with Leutgeb ready meals. I know that liver is a Marmite ishoo, but I love liver and bacon and add veg, so that's done too. Just add potato or rice or pasta and the meal is done.

It may snow this week. Last time that happened it took 2 hours a day to get home and proper dinners were needed. Trudging home in the dark is not enjoyable. Walking boots on stand-by.

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