Sunday 13 January 2013

My peace I give you by Dawn Eden

It is kinda funny when an author speaks at Westminster ... and Blackfen.

Before Zephy has his big win and the minor basilica gets built, you should really come here, so you can say you saw the original 1936 building.

'Ah yes, the original Our Lady of the Rosary Church...'

Anyway, I heard the talk, then I read the book.

If you know the basic facts about various saints like St Maria Goretti, but didn't realise quite how awful things were and that's before she was murdered, for that alone, this book is worth reading. Ignorant me did not know that her father died of malaria, leaving her mother having to leave the house to seek paid work and that's why she found herself in such danger. With lots of saints and I suppose particularly martyrs, we know a great deal about the manner of their death, but of course, their heroism didn't just happen, there is always an important back story.

A very hopeful book, showing that nothing is definitively lost and no-one need believe themselves to be a write-off.

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Zephyrinus said...

An excellent summation of Dawn Eden's Talk and Book.

I recommend the Book (My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints) to everybody.

P.S. Another £2.30, tonight !!! We're on our way. What colour marble for the Minor Basilica ?