Friday 12 April 2013

Do no harm by Fiorella de Maria

After a year which has not been one of the best, it would be fair to say, I've been spending the holiday, having a holiday. Normal service will resume next week, when I have thoroughly cleaned and tidied the house. Love to do the garden too, but...

I have been indulging in past-times such as writing letters to friends with a fountain pen on proper paper, walking around, going to a concert and reading a book in a morning. Remember when you were a student and you could just sit and read and read and read?

The book in question, turned out to be Fiorella's latest novel, which I vaguely remembered was coming out and then checked and by the wonders of Kindle, there it was.

Enough preamble.

Given the, well I'm not sure which adjective quite does the job, court case from America, this might just be a good book to read now. It doesn't shy away from the grim realities of the culture of death, but you get the story and its effects on a Catholic family.

Won't give the plot away at all at all.

Suffice to say, I bought it, read half of it, had breakfast in a cafe and did not leave til I'd finished (breakfast and book.)

Ding Dong. That must be another R4 News bulletin, boringly telling us what may or may not be played on the Top 40 on Sunday. Yawn. See they can report the same thing over and over again when they want to.

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