Tuesday 16 April 2013

Steadily ploughing on

Repertoire additions

Easter 2011
Mass I
O filii et filiae

Easter 2012
Concordi laetitiae

Easter 2013
Exultemus et laetemur

On Sunday, I plan that we practise Regina caeli, jubila and then sing it the following week.

That's just one part of the liturgical year, mind.

Happily printing stuff off from musica sacra and Corpus Christi Watershed, practising it and singing it.

No complaints.

Just action. :-)


Patricius said...

Sounds impressive. More power to your baton!

Zephyrinus said...

It's better than the Vatican Choir, I bet.

Congratulations to the Blackfen Choir.

It's getting quite a magnificent reputation.

World Tour next ?

leutgeb said...

Staying put, I think.