Sunday 26 August 2007


Over at Mulier Fortis champagne corks are popping and this time it's not the Motu Proprio. 40 000 visitors. Oooo. Here, at the as yet select, nay sparsly populated (the mid Wales of the Blogosphere - Machynlleth on a wet Tuesday afternoon,) Bara Brith, we are approaching double figures! As the Irish side of the family say, 'You're very welcome.'

Mac suggested we google Bara brith yesterday and we got several exciting references to the yummy stuff and one to my blog. It was a bit like my surname, one of those very common Welsh ones. Occasionally, Friends Reunited email suggesting I research other people with my surname. Er, but 10-15% of people in North Wales have my surname. Are we really all one big family or is it just that when birth certificates were introduced, surnames were invented and people took their father's name? Probably a mixture of the two.


Mulier Fortis said...

The blog is coming along nicely... I particularly like the pic of our beloved Holy Father in your sidebar. Now, when are you going to remove the hyphen from your title banner, or do I need to change my links?

leutgeb said...

Um doing it now.