Friday 28 September 2007

New Missal

Or do I mean an old one or an Extraordinary one maybe.

Anyway, I decided to buy a 1962 Missal from Farnborough Abbey -more Fair Trade than Amazon and I bet you don't get a lovely Holy Pic of BXVI from them nor your book packaged by a monk.

I hope I haven't got the wrong one. Just checked on Southwell Books site where they have a very good table showing what's in each Missal, which ones have leather covers etc. A bit like the Which Report for Missals really.

Mm, well I thought I'd ordered the Baronius Press one -leather binding, text of the MP etc, but what has arrived is one published by Angelus Press. I was surprised it arrived as I thought it was being reprinted. Must have clicked the wrong thing.

Judging by the ticks, it's much the same but plasticy and the same price. Oh well.

Still stacks of stuff in it, prayers, explaining all the actions of the Mass and beautifully laid out. Yes, I know everyone else in the blog world has one and has been using it for years, but it's new to me. So much to learn. p.1867 says every church has its guardian angel. Didn't know that and my primary school at least was the land where time stood still. We even had a lesson on indulgences once from the Head who was covering for our normal teacher. Colouring in - no way we were learning the difference between partial and plenary!

In other news, I went back to work and had a very good day. Fridays are easy and my HoD is very upbeat as various plans of his are taking off. Good place to work. Only found a couple of consecutives and one unprepared 6/4 this afternoon when I was teaching harmony.

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