Sunday 16 September 2007

Parish BBQ

We have some of those Mission people in the parish at the mo and so had a BBQ to get everyone together. People have always been very kind to me here, so I hope others have found the same. (We've been told to be more friendly etc.) We all came with different food and as usual it all came together into a very enjoyable 'do.' Chatted to quite a few people I know by sight but have never exchanged more words than , 'Peace be with you' with. Start with the important stuff... The weather was really good, which is a real blessing after the dreadful summer, so we were all able to sit out in the huge garden and the children could all run around.

Fr S the PP had his Kerry flag up and green and orange bunting because they were in the All-Ireland Final today. Top stuff. He also had the Papal flag up at half mast when JPII died. All important occasions marked by flags over here.

Not entirely taken with the tenor of the Mission, but they are very sincere people ( and I don't think they are dodgy,) and it's not good not to support stuff. Sometimes it can seem as if things are hanging on by a thread in this country, so not good to knock what is going on.

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