Saturday 8 September 2007

First week back

Well we all got the end of the first week. It is somewhat of a calm before the storm, because next week the teaching really cranks up and all the rehearsals get going.

There have been a few of those unexpected and yet urgent tasks that keep things interesting (uhm).

Ajorned to the pub on Friday, though I popped off pretty quickly as I had to collect some tickets from someone. The usual big turn out for the beginning of term. We have the advantage of being able to get there before the office workers, though often people mark a set of books and then go. (Yes, it's not all long holidays and finishing at 4!)

The weather, having taken a turn to the sunny side, has caused my tomatoes to ripen suddenly. Thus I shall be spending some time engaged in tomato based activities this weekend. They are beautifully sweet, so it seems a shame to cover them in balsamic vinegar and roast them, though that is a favourite. If the late courgettes could hurry up a bit, I could make ratatouille. Me crops are out of synch, you see.

I read a gardening column in a newspaper last week. Seasonal problems - gluts! Time for a tomato fiesta.

Radio 3 are now playing the Schumann Piano Quartet. Just checked out the first movement. Handy. Good to know which bits are important in my part in the grand scheme of things and which bits covered in flats are indeed in octaves with the violin. No escaping some work there then.

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