Tuesday 1 April 2008

Film Meme

"Top-five critically lauded movies I detest" meme.

Cheers Mac.

1 Not critically acclaimed, but in the manner of the GCSE Music Performing criteria which now does not use the word 'memorable' as that can be taken in two ways. We had several memorable performances this year and one had us rolling around. Tears they were a streaming. You had to be there.

Mac and I once went on a jolly jaunt to Bluewater and ended up in screen 19, the one you don't have to show a ticket to get in. (Yes we had paid.) We walked out, so bad was the film. It was a Christmas, feel good, let's all get together, workaholic man, ends up having a good time with his folks plot....well I assume that he did, we'd left by that point.

One of my brothers thought that maybe they don't mind if you just wander into that screen, you might buy an icecream or something...

2 Star Wars
Love the music, I am a horn player after all and big American film scores are just great for us.
Never actually seen the film all the way through.
Harrison Ford is very gumpy and Princess Leia's hair annoys me.
It's very slow too, all that wandering around with R2D2 and C3P0 in the desert.
Space Invader type weapons effects, silly.

3 Some James Bond
I have 2 brothers and have had to watch them lots and lots.
Women falling over in high heals and the later ones with woman with PhDs in Astrophysics. Is there no via media?
Why all the casinos?

4 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Compared to the other two, it's rubbish.

5 Um struggling
Harry Potter The first One
The dialogue was very clunky and they seemed to keep explaing the plot all the time.

Phew. Can't tag everyone I tagged this am, so if you feeling lonesome for a meme, consider yourself tagged!


Mulier Fortis said...

Do you know, I still can't remember the name of that awful film... I have successfully blotted it from my consciousness...

MarysDowryProductions said...

Great list! We studied the music score for "The Incredibles" at college, that's all about the brass section, all the horn players were having a great time in that one....have to say I am not too keen on the film itself though....but the music was clever!