Sunday 6 April 2008

Sunday Night Live

My favourite prog on EWTN is Sunday Night Live which I watch on Saturday Night at 10pm GMT, though that may be different now.

Just checked and it's going to be put on their TV archive page. I keep being away or out, so have missed it for a few weeks now. Great.

My other favourite prog is The Journey Home. I've learnt a huge amount factually from people who have done all the hard work reading the Church Fathers, St Augustine et al and generally leaving no stone unturned to find out the truth, followed up by leaving their various Protestant denominations to become Catholics.

After my failed attempt to go to Mass in London, I popped off to Blackfen (wouldn't be doing that in China, now would I?) where Fr Tim said everything I'd heard on EWTN re sola scriptura, the need for the Church to interpret scripture, the canon coming from what was read in the Liturgy etc. Catholicism: so consistent it's like Maths.

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