Saturday 12 April 2008


One of my favourite colours is that light green you get when trees are coming into leaf.

I'm currently looking at apple trees online. Hoping to buy a couple in the Autumn.

This being Kent cox's orange pippin and Bramley are the hot favourites. We are the garden of England and all.

I love coxes and according to what I've read they store well. Yum.

My Father loves apple pies and crumbles, so if I could possible get a tree that has its bumper year when my parents have their off year, we will be onto a good thing. Apple sauce on porridge is nice for breakfast as is cold apple crumble of course. The culinary possibilities are endless. Apple blossom is very beautiful, very delicate.

Lots of April showers at the mo, so not great for gardening, but one can dream.

Every morning I look at the allotments from the train and lots of people have been very busy preparing their beds for all seeds that will go in. I'm hanging back for various reasons just now but will get planting some quick cropping stuff later on.

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