Saturday 3 January 2009

I bet you are all wondering

what my allotment is like? No? Well it's covered in grass mostly, which is in turn covered in frost. As a prelude to many Saturday afternoons there and finding that I am finally getting better from that bug, I thought I'd better pop over. Otherwise there is a risk of not getting down to it and that will not be a good thing. As the weather is beautifully bright, but very chilly, I though a visit is in order. Next time I want to go it may be pouring with rain after all.

Under the grass, the ground looks quite good. I think a gardener is going to turn the soil over for me and then I'm going to have to go through it all and take out all the roots. The plan is to do this by March (dream on...) so that I can then start planting stuff. We'll see. It's only a five minute walk. As the crow flies you could do it in thirty seconds, but there's a fence in the way.

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MarysDowryProductions said...

We had a family allotment but found that as we spent all of our time battling vast armies of weeds for one meal of tiny steamed carrots we ought to sadly say goodbye....I don't think we have green fingers in our family!