Thursday 9 July 2009

Blackcurrant Jam

Finding myself in waiting for cake 1 to actually bake, I decided to harvest the blackcurrants and anything else fruity and make jam. I got an amzing 4oz of fruit, so the challenge was to find the smallest jar to put it in. Next year I hope to havest a few more. I have my eye on various plums and damsons on the allotment and hanging over from next door's garden, so all is not yet lost on the preserves front.

Meanwhile, time is pressing on and cake 2 is still in bowls waiting to be mixed up and put into the oven. My old oven never took this long. 3 1/2 hours and counting.

Back to the jam and some rolling boiling.


Patrick Sheridan said...

You spend a great deal of your free-time in worthy pursuits Leutgeb; keep at your allotment! It sounds wonderful.

leutgeb said...

That's very kind. I am on holiday now and if you saw the state of the allotment... sigh.