Friday 31 July 2009

Plainsong - it gets everywhere

Someone on Holy Smoke had a link to this.

'UK music publisher Kevin Mayhew said his firm would be commissioning many new Masses, but said worshippers would take months to learn new settings, and felt sure that favourites such as the “Clap-Hands Gloria” and the “Israeli Mass” ( folks are still singing this and some people complain about the Missa de Angelis?)would remain in use. '

Course you you could just pick up the Gregorian Missal for Sundays and find all the words in there in a language not about to change.


Clare said...

What about the Peruvian Gloria? Don't tell me that has got the chop?

leutgeb said...

I think it did because it does not have all the words. Parallel triads. Bring em on. neo organum. It sounds like no Latin American msuci that I have ever heard.

What would be good would be to hear much more of the music written by indiginous Latin American composers in the decades immediately after Missionaries arrived. Lots of interesting stuff there.

I thought that their were rules such that you were not allowed to have the same music for various parts of the Mass, which would rule out certain compositions of the 1970s, but I'm no muso-liturgical expert.

Patricius said...

Kevin Mayhew calls these "favourites". Does he not know that people refer to the Clap Gloria by a slightly different name?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember the Peruvian Gloria!

Mercifully, though, I don't remember how it goes.

And yea, I'll still have a whinge about the English Mass every now and then. Just call me a totalitarian.

leutgeb said...

Lots of Alleluia Amens at the end.

Doesn't sound like anything else Peruvian I've ever heard.

Where in Peru did it come from?

Clap Gloria by another name?

Patricius said...

Yes. Another, less complimentary name and not indicating applause.