Monday 6 July 2009

A visit to the allotment

Thought I'd better get back to weeding in earnest, so popped over yesterday before Mass and planted some sweet corn. An allotment neighbour came to mourn the demise of my broadbeans, reduced to twigglets of black aphid poo. As I was leaving he handed me a bag of his, saying that I didn't deserve that to happen. He was genuinely concerned at my failed crop. What a nice man.

I only grew them because you can plant them early, my Mum likes them and they have nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots. My three field system 5% broad beans, 5% spuds and 90% fallow at present. I took them over to my parents who will have them with left over lasagne tonight.


Patricius said...

If you'll excuse my saying it, I think the word you want has two "l"s unless you are going in for litters of the porcine variety!

leutgeb said...

Twiglets are a wheat-based snack food shaped like small twigs, originating in the United Kingdom. (wiki)[ and are yuck!)

So one 'g'?

Patricius said...

Sorry, I meant "fallow" as in land left to recover its fertility- as opposed to "farrow" which is what sows do.

leutgeb said...

Excuse me. Don't know how that slipped in.