Sunday 13 December 2009


The sanctuary was awash this morning with pink/rose/ whatever the correct shade is vestments receiving their second use.

Then I had a lovely roast dinner with the family with the largest indoor real Christmas tree I've ever seen, decorated up to the ceiling and they have lofty ceilings.

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping with my Mum, sister-in-law and her Mum up London, where we dodged the crowds round Covent Garden and the South Bank and I got quite a few presents sorted out. Some work to do, but I'm getting there.

In the evening we went to hear a Buddy Holly tribute act who was a bit like Clark Kent, but morphed instead into Elvis in his second set which he seemed much happier singing. One of the raffle prizes was £100 of booze, mostly spirits, which I won. This was on top of winning a bottle of brandy last time I went there. Everyone in the family went home with their bottle of choice.

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breadgirl said...

Hi bara brith
Love your name (love bara brith, too!) I enjoyed this post. It seems to me that you had lots of reasons to "Rejoice" yesterday. That's exactly what we should do on "Gaudete" Sunday - "Rejoice".
An interesting Blog. God bless you.