Thursday 7 January 2010

Venturing out

to Brighton for Epiphany was perhaps a tad mad, but the trains were basically fine and I'm very glad I did. Crazy, but well worth it, very like the trudge to Mass for Candelmass, but without a sledge.

As my PP is, to quote the parish newsletter, 'still at the Vatican,' one was forced to go further afield for a Mass.

Thanks to Clare for putting me up and for letting me sing in her schola.

The Liber-on-loan got a little outing too.

I returned to find that the friends-round-the-corner had written in the snow on my car. It now has a big smiley face on the bonnet. :-)


Patrick Sheridan said...

Unfortunately, by the time I realised Maiden Lane was off, it was too late to go anywhere for Mass...

Zephyrinus said...

Is that Liber Usualis STILL with you ?????????

leutgeb said...

Why, do you want to borrow it?