Friday 2 April 2010

Come back

Woolworths, all is forgiven.

Move along to something else if this is Good Friday and you are feeling hungry.

A friend pointed out to me yesterday that if you want a ready supply of Cream Eggs, post Easter, you have to make provision pre-Easter.

Tough eh? Again we live the opposite way round to everyone else. The shops are full of chocs when we aren't eating it, and are onto the next thing when we are in full on feasting mode.

Again, I left buying Easter eggs 'til I'd broken up. What do I find? The seasonal section is 1/3 sorry chocolate, 1/3 bare and 1/3 compost! I somehow think my family will not want a 20 litre bag of John Innes No.3. (I have to buy it in 10 litre bags anyway because I cannot lift anything heavier into and out of the car, but that's another heart breaking story...)

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