Friday 23 April 2010

Ever feel

you are watching a car crash in slow motion?

The CES.

It has to be said that the number of frames per second does seem to be increasing.

There exists a particularly difficult type of pupil to teach. The not very bright, who thinks they know better than you. They do worse in public exams than the even less able who follows your instructions carefully. Those can end up doing pretty well. I had a guy last year get an A* because he was prepared to do as he was told and concede that in GCSE Music at least, I know. The ignorant, slightly arrogant one who thinks he can run with a half understood idea, get the wrong end of the stick, distort what he's been told and ignore your increasingly strident directions, usually ends badly.

I think we can make some analogies.

To think that when our class teacher was away for an afternoon and the Head Master took our class we once had a lesson on indulgences. Plenary and partial. He said we'd probably never have a lesson on them again and he was right. That would have been the early 80's and obviously he knew what was going on elsewhere. We, in Junior 3, did not.

Btw, his party trick was to write the Greek alphabet on the board.
I was impressed!

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Ben Trovato said...

Hey that's me! I was that pupil and still am. Not so bright, but quite sincerely believing I'm a lot wiser than everyone else out there!...