Saturday 3 April 2010


I do not understand what that means with respect to the Catholic Church in Ireland, just Ireland? ( I should say that for all his reported brilliance, I always want to scream WHAT IS YOUR POINT? every time I read anything Rowan Williams says. Bring on Benedict XVI, totally clear and easy to understand.)

For one thing the Catholic Church is not about geographic boundaries. That's an English thing.

The ABC needs to read the CTS booklet on Heresy through the Ages. Penned by a classicist, I'd say, because it has that crystal clear, straight to the point, QED style, it quickly gets you through all the big no-nos.

One of the no-nos is saying that sacraments are invalid because the Priest is guilty of immoral behaviour.

That's all there is as far as I'm concerned.

Does the Catholic Church have teaching authority? Yes
Are the sacraments true? Yes
Do individual Catholics do very very wrong things? Yes, sadly.

And it will, alas, always be so.


Delia said...

Very well said!

gemoftheocean said...

Amen. Before it was "an Irish thing" 10 years ago it was an "American thing"

It's a PEOPLE thing.

And if "these people" would report honestly, they'd realize that priests are the LEAST likely offenders when compared to other religious groups, society at large, youth organizations and SCHOOLS.

Dominic Mary said...

The CTS booklet you refer to was by F. Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory - who is (as you surmise) a fine classicist; not to mention a considerable antiquarian . . . and a very fine priest !