Wednesday 14 April 2010

Making hay whilst the sun shines

Too busy to blog.

Crops must be sown before it

a) starts raining again


b) work intervenes.

I see from the borough allotment survey that 50% of plot holders are retired. There's a reason for that. Colin and Pat, the guys I chat to everyday are there everyday. There's a reason their plots look the way they do.


Currently planted - parsnips, broad beans, rhubarb, onions, raspberry bushes.

Nearly in- potatoes, sweet corn, french beans, courgettes (in pots in fact awaiting germination,) carrots.

In the airing cupboard - tomatoes.


Dominic Mary said...

You have planted Tomatoes in the airing cupboard ? I know that's nice and warm, but wouldn't they do better with more sun ? ;-)

leutgeb said...

They need warmth to germinate.

Then lots of sun.