Tuesday 15 June 2010


Patrick Sheridan said...

Why does it not say rather: Cor ad Cor loquitur?

leutgeb said...


Was Newman very into candles?

leutgeb said...

What do the jagged black biro lines mean?

Are they mountains in the background?

Dreaming Spires anyone?

I think I'll stick to music.

Patrick Sheridan said...

I have no idea what any of it means, although I saw that this poster was frowned upon by a big blogger (can't remember which one).

As an interesting aside, Cor is one of those quasi-irregular nouns in Latin. For ages I thought that it should have said Cor ad ''cordem'' loquitur, but apparently the accusative singular is just the same as the nominative.

Bore off Patricius!

leutgeb said...

Patricius, as we plunge towards the new Dark Ages, hang onto your Latin grammar.

'a big blogger' am I Leutgeb, Queen of the Kingdom of bara brith and all things pertaining to small fruit loaves not a 'big blogger'?

Guess not. But approaching 20k hits at a leisurely pace.