Sunday 6 June 2010

Heartening Catholic Anecdotes #1

Part the first in an occasional series.

The other week I went to the Mass at Brompton Oratory for the Feast of St Philip Neri. The one with Archbishop Nichols, a Haydn Mass etc. All very beautiful, VERY beautiful.

Got there a bit early, because you know how it is, you have to eat your tea, but can't eat right before a Mass, so inhaled a crepe, downed a bottle of water and there I was, early.

Before the Mass started an elderly lady went by, walking very slowly on two sticks and I wondered how long and how much effort it had taken her to get there.

As I got close to the Altar, going up to Communion, the same lady was coming back, only she suddenly could not put one foot in front of the other and looked as if she might be about to fall. The young man immediately behind her went into action steadying her whilst a man on her left made ready to jump out of his place to catch her. By the time I was returning up the aisle, she was safely sitting in a seat.

What does this prove? Everything or nothing.

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