Tuesday 1 June 2010

Allotment News

Just in case you've been sitting on the edge of your seat for some while now wondering, you will be pleased to know that I'm not one of those one season wonders, nor someone who has been evicted, yet.

More of the plot is now in cultivation, thanks to various friends who have lent a hand and dug up some of the evil couch grass. One smaller friend has even put in a little path of stones. Other recent additions have included some pumpkins which are planted with a generous amount of space, so let's hope they do plenty of growing.

The start stop weather has not been great. One moment you are watering everything madly, the next your runner beans are taken by a late frost. Hopefully, aside from the present freezing rainy spell, we might get back into serious growing. Just in case I have some spare courgettes...

Meantime, in the back garden the tomatoes are coming on OK.

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