Wednesday 2 June 2010

Trouble at Mill

In lieu of anyone in authority giving the lead, apart from asking for my money and yes you got lots and yes I filled out the Gift Aid Form too,

this is what I shall be doing:

Going to Mass.
Saying the rosary
Putting a picture of the Pope in my window
Playing lots of Newman hymns at Mass plus 'God bless our Pope'
Watching EWTN online
Going to anything I can make that's laid on in the Parish - including watching telly in the Club.
Going into London on Sat 18th Sept armed with a Papal Flag, sandwiches and my travel card and I shall just have to be in the crowd. If the HF goes to Hyde Park by helicopter, I shall just have to look into the sky. (It is the Feast of St Joseph of Cupertino - wasn't he the flying one?)

And I don't care two hoots if I'm the only person who does.
I spend most of my time doing my own thing on my own, so there!

Any other positive suggestions? Moaning not accepted.

1 comment:

Dominic Mary said...

When I know a bit more I shall be posting; but if it all goes reallypear-shaped, so that it's not worth even trying to get to the Coventry Mass, I have reason to believe that something will be arranged . . .
You know where to keep an eye !