Wednesday 15 February 2012

Memed x2

Thanks to Charlie J (Chasubles and Chalices) and Sandy ( A Catholic Comes Home) for the tag.  My laptop is now in terminal decline, so I excuse myself from all that linking stuff.

Three tomes for the Kindle.

Salt of the Earth by Joseph Ratzinger FrZ quotes from it recently. ( You won't get the sticker on the front which says, 'Now Pope Benedict XVI,' or the smugfest of having the copy without the sticker cos you'd read it before the papal election.)

Poor Banished Children by Fiorella de Maria

Saint Gianna Molla by Pietro Molla (her widower) & Elio Guerriero

All published by Ignatius Press and no I'm not on commission.

I need to upgrade my techno gagets but am unsure whether to go iPad, Kindle, new laptop...or even iPhone.  My HoD has the new all singing one and it looks good.

Then again, it could be argued that I should quit wasting time on the interweb and read those tomes eyeing me from the bookcase.  My laptop is on it's last legs, however.

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