Wednesday 15 February 2012

Secularism and Sausages

Firstly, Paulinus has done all the work for us, so I don't expect to hear the Mozart Requiem being played when I visit the Ladies to powder my nose at Bluewater ever again, thank you.

As to the sausages, apparently there are more people in The Sausage Appreciation Society than there are in the NSS and when did you ever get to hear their leader doing the 8.10 slot on The Today Programme?  Quite. No unseemly demo when the Pope was in the UK either.  Being a son of Bavaria, I'm sure that he likes sausages and the society appreciate this.

Sausages are great things, nay life enhancing foodie items, especially when served in these ways

with mashed potato and gravy and some veg in a bowl-like plate, maybe with some red wine in a pub with an open fire when you've just come in from a walk in the freezing cold.  Yum.

with Xmas dinner, maybe in the form of pigs in blankets, or maybe just with the crunchy bacon which has been on the top of the turkey.

cold the next day with cold turkey, ham and chutney.  Mm leftovers, almost better than the real dinner.

in that sausage casserole in the Delia winter book with apple and cider and mash and veg.

at a BBQ in a nice fresh roll (cob, stottie, bara brith says, 'yay,' to regional variations, but not served in bara brith because fruit loaf and sausage is a culinary crime, dear readers.)

I was semi conscious during the Dawkin's incident on Tuesday. Something to do with getting home at 11pm on Monday from me trip.  I was awake enough to hear him stumble over the title of his text of choice.  How does this man get air-time?  How did he become a professor?  He seems like a right thickie to me.

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