Tuesday 14 February 2012

An unplanned visit to The Infant of Prague

On Sunday afternoon we were scheduled to go to the Museum of Music in the Lesser Town.

When we arrived at the entrance, a note on the door explained that the building was closed due to a burst pipe and a lack of heating.  Hey, we'd just spent the morning in Prague Castle and how anyone goes to Mass in St Vitus Cathedral I don't know. Lack of heating, we had to buy everyone hot chocolates just to avoid serious health probs. The boys were not happy when they all had to remove their hats on account of the cold. I was very happy mine was on, with a coat hood over the top.  Anyway, that was the morning.  As we'd approached the museum I noticed that all the shops had statues of The Infant of Prague in the windows, so opined that the church across the road must be the one.

We were with a guide that day and once she'd sorted out the museum closure she took us to the church. 

So, there we are.  A bonus.


Charlie J said...

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