Friday 2 March 2012


I lked it. I may have sunk to such a level that I'm so amazed to see anything about Catholicism on mainstream TV that is not cynical, nasty and innuendo ridden, that I accept this, but still it had some good moments and the general tenor was very good. There were things that were iffy. And then I switched over. The children were great. I liked the priest. He did mention the devil. He did give you the feeling he was doing his best cheerfully. Yes, I'd like it if everyone was going to the EF Mass, but they aren't. The church was very attractive. So there we are. random thoughts. Oh yes and how great for the children to have all that space to run around in. They looked very happy. And yup, I hate circle time too.


Patricius said...

I thought it was all right so far as documentaries go, and I know many of them personally from my time at university. I found the quip about Roman cut vestments being like bibs very funny - because it's true.

leutgeb said...

That must be episode 1.

I've only seen episode 2.