Saturday 10 March 2012

Catholics 3

'twas interesting if strange. It certainly showed a cross section of woman who go to the Cathedral, bar religious. I thought they were women too. The mother with the three children, including the off camera, 'I'm down here, hello,' baby in a buggy who kept making his/her presence felt and the lady who had returned to the church after 60 years away were my favourites, because they looked so happy. More of the mother would have been nice and we never got to see the baby, who will need counselling to cope with how I didn't get to be on BBC4 when my elder siblings did. Not to mention the no nonsense, keeping busy and doing good stuff in adversity sacristan. The others were very honest and showed I think that the extent to which you depart from the Church determines your peace of mind. The strangeness, by the way, was in part due to the way the camera only focused on woman in the cathedral, like there were no men at all anywhere. Episode children had adults in it ...

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