Wednesday 28 March 2012

Nearly there

After the three concerts and two parents' evenings in 8 days, Olympiad, hopefully it's time to tidy up, plan a bit and sort out the music for Holy Week. Actually I have, it just needs producing into daily bundles. Yesterday's concert, which was my night in a sense ( the responsibility sense) at work went well. The boys played well and the audience were happy. Job done. I used the adrenalin fix I was still on early this morning to tidy up a bit and put the washing on. In registration I discussed with my form the ups and downs of such things. You do have to be very hyped up to play a concerto or step out in front of an audience and conduct, because you have to be able to focus entirely on what you are doing and you can't really get it wrong. then you are all hyped up and can't sleep. If you are me you then wake up very early, completely wired and yet exhausted and have to teach. My form are all musicians and several of them are about to be in a youth opera production, so have four nights of this. One of them was already on his fourth mars bar of the day at 9 am. We decided a caffeine+mars bar IV drip stand was the way to go. I still haven't really crashed and I only had 4 hours sleep last night. How people who take drugs function, I know not. Doing concerts is a much better legal high cos you get to make people happy, with all the edgy risk-taking my nerves can take and some. Just have to post the music back to Germany now.

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