Sunday 11 March 2012

Telling everyone what you think

yup Blogging, but only to people who care to read you. Saying your thing during a Mass, not on. Unless you are under two, of course, in which case you may burble a bit and have the occasional melt down etc. Once when I was at Mass at Notre Dame de France in Leicester Sq, someone was up to no good during the Eucharistic Prayer. I don't know what, but this is central London and pretty well anything is possible. I never looked round. he Priest became visibly tense and looked distracted and then another member of the congregation shouted, 'How dare you!' and that was that. Suffice to say whatever was going on did not go unchallenged. Such was the level of jumpiness after that when someone behind me let a kneeler crash down, I practically jumped out of my pew. Catholic Churches are amongst the few buildings that anyone can walk into unchallenged.

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