Wednesday 22 August 2012

Five years of blogging

Bara brith celebrates by making tomato sauce from home grown tomatoes.

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Patrick Sheridan said...



Annie Elizabeth said...

Hooray! And many more to come I hope!

Zephyrinus said...

Many congratulations.

Here's to Chateaubriand and Aspic, with quails' eggs to follow.

Not forgetting a well-chilled Champagne !!!

Long may you Blog.

leutgeb said...

*blush* why thank you.

Having enjoyed champagne, chocolate cake and sparkling conversation after Mass this am, I would expect nothing less, Zephy! ( Only joking. )

gemoftheocean said...

One of life's finest pleasures is eating a tomato you grew yourself. Congrats.

leutgeb said...

Thank you and far more useful than blogging.