Friday 31 August 2012

Popping in

So, did that yesterday.

Not sure why really as I had a pretty good clear out at the end of last term, wrote the letter to new boys inviting them into my orchestras, sorted out the music, booked the concert venue for later on in term and that was that.

Still found some pieces of paper to chuck, connected myself to the new wifi and typed up some A level notes, emptied my pigeon hole, made a mental list of what I'll need to do next week and left.

Today, I celebrate the last weekday holiday day, by having my fence replaced. As a special treat the especially hideous overgrown box hedge tree thing is being removed, roots and all. It's going now. I fear the pumpkin may be a casualty. Fencer steps backwards, crunch. Fencer drags branch of hideous shrub through pumpkin. Ah well.

Hopefully scary George the elderly guy on the end who 'protects' the alley round the back will not 'have words' with the fencers. I did consider going round to let him know last night, but that does imply I need his permission to use MY RIGHT OF WAY. Four years of friendly waves may be about to end. Or maybe he's still having his breakfast.

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