Friday 17 August 2012

The silly season

The Olympics have provided such bountiful fodder for the MSM that there's not been much need for silly season stories.

That is. Until now.

The other day, the editor of that which I usually avoid mentioning had an article in The Guardian. It was about vatileaks and how they ( the Vatican, clerics, men in cassocks, whatever,) are all out of touch etc etc and how awful it was that Mr Butler was held in custody for 50 days. Solitary confinement was how it was described and how they had contacted Amnesty, who weren't interested. A pertinent comment underneath asked if they we suggesting that the Holy See arrest a whole pile of people to keep him company. Be fearful of a visit to the Vatican Museums. one minute looking at amazing art, next thing you are in a secret ( because Vatican and secret are synonymous, ) dungeon, staring up at a tiny window, wondering if Galileo was ever a guest here. You know the sort of thing.

Late yesterday one of the twitterati wondered if there was a way of saving The Dandy and dispensing with that other one.

I suggested swapping The whatsit in Westminster Cathedral for The Dandy.

Desparate Dan would not try to shop the Holy See to Amnesty and expect to be sold in Churches and Cathedrals along with his pies.

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Micha Elyi said...

...The whatsit in Westminster Cathedral...

Mrs. Whatsit is in Westminster Cathedral?

Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were merely casting about for a word to use to refer to the Archlayman of Britain's church of Henry.

leutgeb said...

I was writing about The Tablet, the publication whose raison d'être is attacking Catholicism, yet is sold at the back of Westminster Cathedral.

leutgeb said...

PS Apologies if I've missed something but, you may be confusing Westminster Abbey ( Anglican) with Westminster Cathedral ( Catholic) if not from these parts.