Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Getting stuff done

This is quite boring unless you delight in working through lots of jobs you never quite have time for.

So, week 4 of the holidays and it is time to draw up a list and set about doing stuff. I've already done lots of gardening, so now it's the house. During the summer I take time to look at the everyday things and chuck out, give away, tidy up, deep cleanse, hoover behind, mend and replace everyday stuff. If I were in the business of inventing paraliturgies I'd now weave that prospect into 20 minutes of your life you'll never get back, instead...

I replaced my annoying work keyring given to me by one of my brothers which used to have a 'World's best teacher' fob thingy, til it fell off leaving a pointy screw, which periodically hurts me. Was is trying to say something? Very probably. I now have a London 2012 one, no sharp edges. I also bought a matchbox London cab with archery design down the side for my nephew... Well Auntie Leutgeb hasn't indulged in a pressie recently and he did have his nappy changed at the MCC last Sat, so only right that this be commemorated. But I digress.

Those piles of coppers wasting a little draw in my pine dresser? Taken to a supermarket and converted into a few things I needed. 1kg of porridge oats. Oh excitement.

Favourite necklace that broke? Taken to jewellers and fixed.

Eyes? Tested.

Teacher's Planner? Ordered 2012-3 copy. Though year 20 of my teaching life may be the last one with a paper planner. 2013-4 perhaps iPad only. There isn't yet an App that does what I want. New one filled with next term's school events, concerts, rehearsals and Masses. November looks mad comme d'habitude.

Various presents? Bought and wrapped.

Wonky gears on bike? Bike taken to cycle shop for tlc. Poor thing spends weekdays in term time outside the station in all weathers.

Meantime. Used up a bag of risotto rice and a small tin of kidney beans for three night's of tea, (alongside some more compelling ingredients.)Time to use up stuff in the kitchen. Would love to use the jam sugar up, but that would need some fruit to turn into jam and next door's plum tree has two plums overhanging into my garden this year. Frost and wind took the blossom. Not the Garden of Eden it is sometimes in the summer, when I pop out to pick delicious fruit à point and turn it into jars of golden jam. Maybe next year.
More sorting out and tidying action tomorrow.
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