Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pascal Uche and Catherine Pepinster on C4 News

A re-run of Msgr Burke v Christina Odone on the evening of Pope Benedict's election, but without the hysteria.


Patricius said...

I saw that and wasn't Pascal Uche wonderful! He was not fazed by any of the nonsense from Jon Snow and just radiated a wonderful faith and enthusiasm.

Cathy said...

Well done Pascal Uche! How lovely to see a young man exuding joy and talking about the love of Christ with fidelity to the teachings of His Church. The miserable whinings of the woman he spoke with seemed designed to turn people away from the Church - she was a disgrace.

leutgeb said...

PS That's the Pascal Uche who greeted the Holy Father on behalf of the assembled young people ( how I hate that term) outside Wwestminster Cathedral after the Papal Mass on the Saturday Morning.

Just in case you forgot him.

He has previous.